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Why Clearing should be a life skill

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Clearing your energy should be as important to you as bathing or showering. During the day, we pick up on energy through the food we eat, places we visit, clothes we wear, television programmes we watch, people we meet, social media, and I could go on and on.

Everything is energy, positive and negative. Everything you do, see, feel, and think in life opens an energetic doorway.

Depending on how our day is going, whether we pick up on positive and or negative energy will ascertain how we feel. Have you ever walked into a supermarket and started feeling tired, irritable or overwhelmed? Being in a supermarket can sometimes make you feel like this as you are in an environment with lots of different people, and all their emotions are swirling around in the energy, as well as all the energy the products attract during manufacture, which can sometimes lead to you picking up on them, and that can affect your mood. That is just one example of how energy can affect us.

Energy is in everything, and everything you do can affect how you feel, be it positive or negative, but clearing your energy helps you stay balanced and positive.

One way of Clearing

Pull the plugs out, imagine there are plugs in the soles of your feet, and imagine you take these plugs out. Focus on the top of your head and invite in the highest white light. Feel this coming down like a waterfall of light flowing into and around you. Imagine any negative energy pouring out of your feet, and then when you feel all the negativity at this time has flowed out of your feet, just put the plugs back in your feet.

If you clear yourself daily

Clearing your energy daily allows you to be in a point of balance, so if you feel your moods, thoughts, and feelings are low, or you feel tired, drained, or you feel depressed, you can check to see if these are your thoughts and emotions or if you have picked them up from someone else. For example, you might have talked with someone who is down, and their feelings could have affected you. After the conversation, you could come away feeling a bit down. Clearing daily allows you to recognise your energy and what you are picking up on.

"Clearing allows you to live in harmony with yourself and your surroundings"

Every evening - Empower Yourself.

Close the door on your day, and imagine yourself closing the door on any feelings, thoughts, or experiences of negativity. Check out my Spirit Wellbeing Cards, 40 cards, and 40 techniques.

Letting Go

Holding onto clutter in life can affect your energy; holding onto the past, sometimes a good sort out, can make you feel better, bringing you into the Now.

Clearing is a life skill.

Clearing your space is an essential part of your daily routine. How would you feel if you never bathed? And the same question applies if you never clear your energetic system.

Clearing, Grounding & Protection are life skills

Clearing your energy gives you balance, positivity, and harmony, and it is a life skill. Want to learn these life skills? Join me on Clearing, Grounding & Protection Course.

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1 Comment

Excellent Maria 🙌 ‘on point‘ its great to see someone writing about and using pure white light 💛😁

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