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Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Procedure

Course Fees – Terms & Conditions

1)      To register and secure a place on a course, you can either pay:

           a)      £40 non-refundable deposit, or

           b)      The full fee

2)      The deposit of £40 is non-refundable and non-transferable

3)      If a deposit is paid, then the remainder of the fees must be paid 14 days before the course starts. 

4)      Notice of cancellation:

           a)      At least 14 days’ Notice (prior to the start of the course) must be given in writing by email for any cancellation

           b)      The course fee deposit of £40 will not be refunded,  but it will be possible to move on to a different date for the course.

           c)      If cancelled less than 7 days before the course starts, it will be considered to move onto a different date of the course on a case-by-case basis

5)      If an attendee doesn’t turn up to the course or advises of cancellation as above, for whatever reason, any deposits or course fees paid will not be refundable.

6)      Refunds – Fees paid less £40 (non-refundable deposit) will be refunded within 1 month of the request of cancellation. 




Phone: 0782 438 9384

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