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Clearing, Grounding & Protection

Everything is energy. Energy impacts everything in life. Using energy clearing & protection in your personal and professional life helps you remain calm and positive even during the most challenging days. Encourages self-healing and positive wellbeing.

Everything is energy, both negative and positive.

The course gives you the tools and techniques to help you achieve positive mental health, and encourages self-healing in all areas of your life for positive wellbeing. 

This course is open to everyone.

If you are a therapist, it is an accredited CPD course.


The course teaches you

  • Energy and how it affects you

  • Grounding

  • Clearing your personal, home and workspace

  • Protection of self and home

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • How to reduce stress, irritability, anxiety

  • To let go of worries, fears & anger

  • Improved focus and concentration

  • Self Healing Meditation


Cleaning your energy system is as important as cleaning your physical body and house. 

Empower yourself ~ Learn to understand energy to maintain balance, calm & positivity.

This AOR Approved CPD Course provides 8 points for therapists or other professionals for the full course.


"Maria's course on Clearing, Grounding & Protection was illuminating, mind-blowing - in a good way - and exquisitely practical." Jo.W

"Maria is absolutely brilliant, in just one workshop I learnt so much practical and accessible knowledge about Grounding, Clearing and Protecting. Already, I feel calmer, stronger, have more energy and greater confidence in my abilities to keep practicing this to benefit my everyday life. It was transformational, informative and empowering, I know these are essential skills that I'll keep using for the rest of my life. It was also so fun and interesting! I'll be recommending this to everyone. I'm excited to develop and learn more, can't wait to do the auras course next! Thank you so much :)" Lucy Dukes


"I found this course really useful and would recommend it to all therapists. Having worked as a reflexologist for 6 years I now realise it's not just about the feet, it is so important to ground, clear and protect not just my own personal space but my treatment room as well. Lots of practical exercises and meditations are given throughout the day which are very easy to put into practise." Lesley Tucker, MAR


"So clarifying and energising. So much shared by Maria with many questions welcomed and answered. Light, clear and deep with laughter tinkling throughout. Lots of brilliant,  simple and efficient ways shared to clear, ground and protect. Looking forward to more with/from Maria." T.Stallard


"Maria is a great teacher. I thought I already knew about grounding, clearing and cleansing, but apparently, I don’t! A patient, kind and hugely knowledgeable teacher." K.Lennard-Jones


"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I was feeling quite drained following work and after emotional situations, but the techniques Maria showed us have enabled me to remain centred, even during the busy and challenging days. I think as therapists, we can take on a lot of people’s energy, but we don’t have to. I recommend this course for all therapists and for everyone actually." N.O’Shea


"Maria shared incredible wisdom and insights with us. We had many opportunities to try techniques together and discuss the outcomes, the time flew by. I left this course with a much better understanding of energies and how they impact me and so many simple and practical tips to help me clear, ground and protect." M Brown

" If you are looking to develop your self-awareness, ensuring you are keeping yourself emotionally safe...Maria delivers! The Clearing, Grounding and Protection Course is full to the brim with practical content. It utilises a large ladle of guided imagery and dashes of positive psychology to open doorways to personal growth. I  am personally taking away some valuable techniques to ensure negative energy is kept at bay. I feel I now have a  much needed tool kit to keep me grounded and safe as I develop my spiritual abilities" 

Suzannah Ridgway (Author & Retired Clinical Supervisor / Trainer/ Senior Accredited Counsellor)

Clearing, Grounding & Protection 5-hour Course

2024 Dates


Wednesday 2nd, 9.30 am to 2.30 pm

Online via Zoom


Monday 2nd, 9.30 am to 2.30 pm


​Cost: £95 

*EASY PAYMENT PLAN is available by bank transfer.

If you would like to pay in 2 installments please email me. 

Thank you 

Paypal is also accepted using the email address or email for a Paypal request to be sent, and also please email the course date, thank you

Bespoke courses can also be arranged at other times for a minimum of 6 people, so if you would like me to come to you face to face or online via Zoom.

Clearing, Grounding & Protection Course is also available as an e-learning course, for more info, click the button below

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