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What's an aura?

Auras are energy fields that surround the planet and everything in it, including people, animal, plant,etc.

A person's aura will radiate out about 2 to 3 feet when it is contracted and 40 to 50 feet when it’s expanded. It comprises of various colours of energy that flow around the body, and the colours vary according to the individual.

Every aura has a different pulse and vibration. The people you find you’re attracted to, whether through love, friendship or family ties, could have a similar auric pulse to you, even though the auric vibration could be higher or lower. The aura also stores historical information.

The colours of the aura reflect the emotional states, mental states and physical states. The colours in one’s aura can hold a key to what is needed to balance emotions and well-being.

Everyone can learn to read the colours in an aura

Learning to read an aura takes practice and focus and recognising whether you have the ability to see, sense or hear an aura.

The 3 C's - See, Sense or Hear

The 3 C's are clairvoyance which means clear sight, clairsentient which means clear sense, and clairaudient which means clear hearing. Everyone has the latent ability to either see, sense or hear, so everyone is either clairvoyant, clairsentient or clairaudient, the difference being where you vibrate as a person to what level of seeing, sensing or hearing you have.

"Colour works wonders to enhance your wellbeing."

Boost your energy - Orange is for vitality, optimism and confidence.

Imagine you are putting on an orange jumper or wrapping an orange scarf around you, and for a moment just feel that colour orange flowing into your space. Whether you physically or imagine putting on orange, either way infuses your aura which is your energy field with a boost of orange colour which in turn boosts your energy with a spark of vibrancy, optimism and confidence.

Calm your mind - Pale Blue for calm, peace and tranquility

If you want to be calm imagine wrapping a pale blue blanket around you or put on an item of pale blue clothing.

Colour can define your personality characteristics

Wanting to know what direction you are going in life or what would give you job satisfaction, knowing the colours in your aura tells you who you are as a person. For example if you have pink in your aura, depending on what shade it could mean you have empathy and compassion.

Every shade of colour has its own frequency and note

Would you like to know more about yourself or others? Would you like to learn to read auras? Because you can, join me on my Auras & Colours course, Click Here for more info.

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