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A Recipe for Positive Wellbeing ~Letting Go

Positive wellbeing starts with you and how you choose to react to everything that is around and within you. Everything is energy and energy impacts everything we do. Letting go improves your mental health and improves your physical and spiritual health.

Positive wellbeing affects everything, your mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. Taking each day one step at a time, even one moment at a time and allowing yourself the choice to choose how you are going to react to something gives you freedom.

Energy follows Thought

Every day different opportunities arise, but it is a choice to look at opportunities as opportunities and not as problems. And yes we all can wobble when we are hit with what we perceive to be problems, negativity, thinking life is having a go at us, why me, and there are so many different scenarios that can throw us off our perch. But this is where the but comes in and this is what we can do for our mental, physical and spiritual health is to choose how long we are going to wobble for, how long we are going to feel negative, how long we are going to feel sorry for ourselves, how long we are going to have the poor me syndrome, how long we are going to feel depressed, I could go on and on here, but I sure you can all resonate with one or more of these feelings.

Energy follows thought, so changing how we react, changing our thoughts, changes the outcome of how we feel. And it all starts with one thought. One thought to want to live happy and positive. Next time you have a wobble try the following recipe:

Ingredients for Positive Wellbeing ~ Letting Go Recipe

Paper, sticky notes, a pen, a match, a safe place to burn, and an alarm clock.

  • One sheet of paper

  • One pen

  • Three sticky notes

  • Alarm clock

  • A match

  • Safe space to burn

  • A thought

  • Emotions

  • A touch of kindness

  • A Hug

Directions for Positive Wellbeing ~ Letting Go Recipe

  1. Place 3 sticky notes around the room or house in key places that you will see them for example by the toilet, and write on them a reminder to use the recipe for positive wellbeing ~ letting go if you wobble or feel negative.

  2. When you feel wobbly or negative, set your alarm clock to a limit of 5 minutes.

  3. Emotions scream, cry whatever feels appropriate in the moment but when the alarm rings, stop.

  4. Then using a piece of paper and pen, write down how you feel, allowing yourself to bring it out of the system, it might be one word or an essay.

  5. Then safely in a safe environment burn the sheet of paper, burning it helps you to let go.

  6. Smile after you have burned the piece of paper and using thought tell yourself Everything is perfect.

  7. Be kind to yourself and hug yourself, wrap your arms around yourself with love

Everything is energy and energy impacts everything in life, remembering our lives is how we react to the energy flowing around us and through us. If you would like more tools and techniques to live positively, calmly and balanced, happy & excited, gift yourself Spirit Wellbeing Cards, 😊💛

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