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5 Tips to De-stress

De-stressing is vital for health and wellbeing on all levels, body, mind and spirit.

Stress can be a build-up of energy in us of being in the present in the here and now but also wanting to be there in the future, going over the stuff I wish I had done that or I should have done that, or I must do that. These thoughts can impact one's system with a feeling of fragmentation, as one is neither here nor there.

Stress is energy that builds in the mind, and it can start as a small worry about something that either very quickly or slowly begins to build in us. And the work or home environment can also play a big part in the effect of stress on one's life. So it is important to clear one's space, home, and workspace energetically and regularly to prevent a build-up of stress energy.

De-stressing regularly enhances well-being and can create a balance in us of calm and clarity.

Tip 1 - Ground yourself

Being stressed can mean one is not very grounded, being grounded brings you into the present moment. Take a moment and focus on your feet, and imagine you have lead-weight boots on your feet, like heavy bobber boots. And spend a few moments feeling the weight of these boots pulling you down, grounding you.

Tip 2 - Bring yourself back into the present

Being stressed can mean one's thoughts are scattered, and fragmented. To de-stress, take a moment and think of your breath. Breathe in deeply for the count of 5, breathe out for the count of 5, and continue this three times. And then become mindful of where you are. Notice how your body is feeling; you might hear a word in your head to describe this feeling, or you might see how you are feeling or feel how you are feeling. And notice the space immediately around you whether you are sitting in a chair or if you are standing, or lying down. And then, take a slow breath in for the count of 3 and a slow breath out for the count of 3, bringing your awareness into the here and now.

Energy follows thought.

Tip 3 - Colour

Being stressed can create red in one's aura, an aura is the energy field that surrounds the body, and the more stressed one gets, the more red builds up in the aura. To de-stress, take a moment and imagine standing under a shower of white light and feeling this shower washing the red colour from your auric space.

Tip 4 - Sky Blue

Imagine wrapping a pale blue blanket the colour of the sky, sky blue on a beautiful summer's day, around your shoulders and feeling this colour flowing into you. Sky blue a colour of calm, clarity, peace, tranquillity and serenity.

Tip 5 - Do something fun

Laughter and smiling raise one's vibration, a great way to de-stress, whether it is watching a feel-good film or funny video, or getting out there and doing something fun. A change in energy can halt stress in its steps, and doing something fun is excellent for de-stressing the body, mind and spirit.

Self-care matters; it is not self-indulgence; it is self-preservation.

Looking after ourselves in body, mind, and spirit is up to us; we all have the power within. If you want more news and tips, please subscribe to SpiritWellbeing Newsletter.

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