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Why Protection should be a life skill

Would you go outside in a bikini if it was raining, snowing and cold?

You might if you were about to take an ice bath, but usually, you would want a coat on to keep you warm and protected. It works the same way for energy protection, putting a layer of protection on to keep you safe and protected from negative energy.

Everything is energy, both positive and negative. As we go about our day, we constantly interact with energy, from the food we eat, the people we talk to, the places we visit, the television we watch, and the books we read. And this energy can affect us positively or negatively. For example, a friend can ring you for advice, they are having a hard time and feel a bit depressed, and you might find you feel a bit low yourself after the phone call. Their energy has affected you, yet if you had a layer of protection up, you would have been empathetic and understanding but come off the phone call without being affected by the energy.

If you place that layer of protection around you or your home, it means you have a buffer layer in place to protect you from negative energy; there are many different techniques for protection, all the methods require the right use of will, intent and focus, as energy follows thought.

Example method of protection

Imagine you are dressed in a black suit, a bit like the black panther, from head to toe. Energy tends to slide off black, like Teflon. If you are going into an environment where you know you need an added layer of protection, try wearing black.

Example 2

Imagine you are wearing a silver hooded full-length cloak. This acts as a mirror, allowing negative energy being directed into your space to be reflected back to its source.

Protection enhances your wellbeing

Protecting your personal space, home, and workspace empowers you to maintain focus, clarity and balance. Someone told me other people were draining them the other day, if people are draining your energy, putting protection around you would prevent this from happening. Energy protection is vital to your well-being, allowing you to retain a clear space around you.

If you protect yourself daily

The more aware of your environment you will become and the more aware of your thoughts, emotions and moods. Which thoughts, feelings and emotions are yours, and which you pick up from others.

If you had a meeting with someone via Zoom, for example, and even though the person may be helpful and smiling, if you come away feeling a little anxious, doubting yourself or a bit overwhelmed, it may be that none of those emotions or energies are yours. Rather, that person had projected their energy subconsciously. With protection in place, you can recognise and rectify by clearing your personal space.

To maintain protection it needs to be reinforced every day

Like getting dressed every day, you add a protective layer from your energetic wardrobe to make you feel safe, warm and protected.

Protection, clearing and grounding are like skills

Wearing protection is beneficial to remain centred and maintain balance in your space, so if you are happy, you stay happy, if you are positive, you stay positive, and it can give you that warm, safe feeling within.

To learn how you, too, can learn protection life skills, join me on my next Clearing, Grounding & Protection Course.

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