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Are you sensitive to other people's energy?

When you meet someone or start talking to someone, are you one of those who does not notice the energy, or are you someone who immediately picks up on someone's energy? Does being around a happy environment make you happy? Or being with someone happy and positive, do you feel happy too? Some people are more sensitive to energy than others.

Everything is energy, and energy impacts us in everything we do. Energy is positive and negative.

If you are sensitive to energy and pick up on someone's energy, if they are feeling happy and excited that can make you feel happy and excited too.

But sometimes if you meet a person who is a little negative, it could be that whisper of anxiety, or that they have worrying thoughts or a degree of depression. This can then affect your thoughts and begin to impact your day. If you start your day on a positive note, that conversation with someone or meeting someone who might not outwardly display negativity but have an underlying current of for example, anxiety flowing in their system, can impact on your moods, thoughts and feelings.

As your day continues, negative feelings can build, which can normally play out as feeling of a little frustrated with yourself or others, anxious, irritated, lacking in patience, feeling down, and or tired. That one spark of negativity can affect your mood, your thoughts, your emotions in a number of different ways, it can affect your confidence, your self-esteem, and depending on what time of day this has happened it can impact you throughout the day.

If you are in work, it could be that client who has come to see you who starts this spiral of negativity. It could be a phone call, all it takes is being sensitive to the energy and letting it affect you.

This chance encounter of being around or passing someone who is feeling negative is like a door opening, and you are allowing yourself to step in, opening yourself up to other people’s negativity and then it begins to build.

Is this my stuff, or have I picked it up from someone?

So next time you feel a little negative, ask yourself, is it yours or have you picked it up from someone? Acknowledging, whether it is yours or someone else's releases the negative hold on you, and then imagine shutting the door and letting go.

Shut the door

Everything we do during the day opens an energetic doorway, shutting the door on a thought and letting go, helps you to release that thought.

Smiling boosts your energy

Smile when you shut the door on negative thoughts, as this allows your energy to go up. Smiling boosts your energy levels, and smiling encourages positive energy to flow into your system.

Energy is everywhere, and energy affects everything we do, from the food we eat, to the people we meet, the places we visit, everything. Energy is both positive and negative, and how we choose to react to the energy is our choice.

Gaining an energetic awareness helps us to clear our space of energy that affects us and by putting on protection, it acts as a buffer against energy that might have a negative impact on us.

If you want to know more about how energy affects you, and how to be positive, centred and balanced even in the most challenging of times, have a read of my other blogs or join me on Clearing, Grounding & Protection Course, for more info, click here, 😊💛

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