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Why Grounding should be a life skill

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Grounding is when the astral body is in alignment with the physical body. Being grounded gives you balance, more confidence, clarity, and positivity. And the more grounded you are the more you can open up to your own inner awareness.

Have you ever woken up in the morning from a good night's sleep and still felt tired? Have you ever felt you are in a world of your own? Do you find it hard to make decisions? These questions relate to not being very grounded. We all know about the different systems in the physical body, like the respiratory system, the nervous system, digestive system, but not a lot is said about the astral body.

Since a small child, I have always seen spirit, clear seeing is another name for clairvoyant. And I used, and still do, look at people's astral bodies. Sometimes I see the feet of the astral body on the shoulders of the physical body or the astral body halfway up the physical body, and when I have asked people how grounded they feel, the general answer is not very grounded.

So if you can you answer yes to any of the questions above, it would mean you are not very grounded, and your astral feet are not in your physical feet.

One way of grounding

Think of lead-weight boots on your feet, bobber boots with steel cap toes and lead in the soles. Take a moment and see how you felt before, and then imagine you are putting these lead-weight boots on and see how you feel now, as you imagine your astral feet flowing into your physical feet.

If you ground yourself daily

You will find your astral body comes into alignment with your physical body, and this creates balance in your system. More balance brings more confidence and positivity. And by being grounded enhances clarity allowing decision-making to be easier as you will have more focus.

"the more grounded you are, the higher you can go "

Every morning - Stretch

Want to feel more awake, Stretch! During our sleep, our astral body goes travelling, and stretching in the morning, helps bring the astral body into alignment with the physical body.

If you love walking, connect with MotherEarth

Next time you are out walking, think of roots coming out of your feet, going right down into the centre of the Earth and anchoring you in, the more grounded you are, the higher you can fly.

Grounding is a life skill

Grounding daily, along with clearing and protecting your space can give you positivity and balance, and enhances your wellbeing. Being grounded equals confidence. Being grounded equals focus and clarity. Being grounded equals inner strength.

Clearing, Grounding & Protection are life skills

Clearing your space, being grounded and protecting your space can give you happy and excited moments. Want to learn these life skills, click here.

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