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Power Up
Your Positivity

with Maria Bowbanks

Welcome to Spirit Wellbeing

I help people of all ages awaken their awareness to realise their true potential so they can continue their life’s journey with clarity and positivity. I love helping people understand how energy impacts everything in life personally and professionally. Everything is energy. Learning to use energy clearing and protection for self-healing and to give you a new level of freedom, calm, balance and positive wellbeing. So please look around my site and maybe read a blog or two, I look forward to hearing from you.

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A touch of positivity...

encouraging positive emotional wellbeing, bringing positivity into your  or a loved one's life every day 

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology helps the mind, body and spirit to relax, optimising your health . 

Energy is everywhere. Everything is energy. 
Developing an energetic awareness is the key to awakening awareness and realising your true potential.

Photo of Maria Bowbanks

Hi I'm Maria, it's lovely to meet you

A little about me...

I have seen spirit since a small child, which made for some very interesting times.

I have a son who lights up my world.

I love talking about energy, positive and negative, and how to clear it, it is my passion, my speciality.

I love reading books, especially fantasy/science fiction.

I have been on television, the BBC did a programme called 'A Date with Destiny,' about me.

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