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​Guide / Teacher / Reflexologist

One to One 


Wellbeing Retreats​

Holistic & Spiritual Wellbeing

for body, mind & spirit

Llandeilo, Wales and online via Zoom

Power your way to Positivity with Maria Bowbanks

Create positive balance in body, mind & spirit

open the door to create your own happiness  

Embrace positivity  release negativity, develop confidence and trust

Improve mental  emotional health, clear  blockages, become calm 

and centred 

Rebalance after trauma or grief,

letting go of fear,

enabling peace


Understand the effects of energy on your system to allow you to self heal

Empower yourself to follow your intuition and live the best version of your life

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May 2022 News
affirmation technique
 A little wish -
the power of thought
Balance equals Positivity

Power your way to Positivity

 3 Day Residential Wellbeing Retreat

Transform your Life

July 1, 2, 3 and September 23, 24, 25, 2022

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"I found this course really useful and would recommend it to all therapists. Having worked as a reflexologist for 6 years I now realise it's not just about the feet, it is so important to ground, clear and protect not just my own personal space but my treatment room as well. Lots of practical exercises and meditations are given throughout the day which are very easy to put into practise." -  Energy Clearing & Protection course

- Lesley Tucker MAR

"I have ulcerative colitis and have had trouble sleeping for over a year now. After having a session with Maria, I’ve noticed that my sleeping habits changed dramatically for the better. I’m now much more relaxed and amazed by the results. Thank you Maria."

“Recently done a group session with Maria on clearing negative energy blockages, grounding and protection. It was extremely informative and everyone  came away with different strategies/ exercises on how to clear and protect. Also had a one to one session with Maria, which I can’t recommend highly enough!  I came away from the session feeling uplifted and positive. I can’t thank Maria enough!!!” 

- Hayley Carman

"Maria is an amazing, insightful, compassionate, and empathic person for whom I have the utmost regard. Highly recommended. Maria has opened doors for me which I never thought possible.

I thank her from the depths of my heart.”   

- Alison Redgrove

"During the first lockdown in 2020, my happy, easy-going 10-year-old, began to experience what I would describe as 'anxiety'. After just one session with Maria, there was a marked difference in his emotional state thanks to the techniques she shared with him. They were taught with a clear, common-sense approach on a level suitable for a 10-year-old. These tools have proved invaluable (to him) over the subsequent months."

- Janey Harris

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- Charmaine Adams