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Learn to 'see' auras and how to use colour in everyday life for self-healing, and to enhance wellbeing both personally and professionally...


This course teaches you how to see, hear or sense auras and how colour can be used to affect emotions and thoughts to create positivity and balance.

An aura is a colour energy field that surrounds your physical body, as well as the planet and everything in it.

You will learn:

  • Auras - what they are

  • How to see, hear or sense auras

  • Expanding & contracting auras

  • Colour Interpretation

  • Aura enhancement

  • Releasing negativity through colour

  • Enhancing positivity through colour

  • Creative colour visualisation

  • Developing intuition and trust

  • Understanding auric impressions

  • Guided colour meditation


An aura is made up of varying colours according to the individual. Each person's aura has a different vibration note.

Your aura contains information about you and your state of being.


Learning to read, interpret and work with your aura offers a practical way to enhance your daily wellbeing. 

Colour works wonders for your wellbeing.

For therapists or other professionals, this AOR Approved CPD Course provides 2 CPD points per hour you attend and 8 CPD points for the course.


2024 Dates



Friday 13th, 9.30 am to 2.30 pm

Online via Zoom


Saturday 21st, 10 am to 2 pm

Face to Face

West Shires School of Complementary Health, 

St Clears, SA33 4JN


Saturday 23rd, 9.30 am to 2.30 pm

Online via Zoom


A Zoom link will be sent out a few days before the course date.


*EASY PAYMENT PLAN is available by bank transfer.

If you would like to pay in two instalments, please email me. 

Thank you.

Bespoke courses can also be arranged at other times for a minimum of 6 people face-to-face in your area or online via Zoom.




"What can I say Maria's Aura and Colours course was amazing today.
I learnt so much and it was so interesting. The Meditation etc was fantastic. I would definitely recommend this course and am now looking at doing her Grounding course. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you Maria x"  L.Butcher


"I found maria’s auras and colours course fabulous! It was really interesting. I feel it will help me so much personally and to progress mentally and spiritually every day and into my work. Thank you maria, you are a fantastic guide/teacher.💖" M.I.


"I really enjoyed this Course.  Maria taught us so much as her experience and knowledge is vast. Through various exercises we  learnt how to connect with our own auras.   If we feel the energy in our own bodies, this can begin to show the colours and is a great way to begin analyzing the energy in others.I learnt that everyone is capable of reading auras if they put the proper practice and focus towards it." J. Fawcett.

“I was amazed by the session, it was quite profound, I didn’t think I would feel as much as I did especially with it being online. It’s the first of many courses hopefully for me on my journey to becoming a therapist.” J.H.


“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me and the rest of the class regarding auras. The training was very insightful for me as I struggle with meditation or visualising at times but I did not have to work very hard to find my mind just flowed as it wished! It was a lovely and gentle way to explore the subject and myself which  for someone who never puts herself first and ends up becoming very drained, was an inspiration that when I do stop, magic can happen.” M.M.


Auras & Colours Course

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