Spirit Wellbeing One to One

"Power your way to Positivity."

A Spirit Wellbeing session helps you create positivity and balance to enable you to live the best possible version of your life. 

A 30-minute session is an aura reading, where I look at the colours in a client's aura and explain their meanings. The client can ask questions to help their understanding of their life path further.

A 60-minute session is tailored to the client's needs, and the aura is initially looked at to see where they are at in life, and then help is given by teaching simple techniques to allow their personal development to unfold and to promote wellbeing in the area of your life that is needed.


If you need help with finding the answers to 

  • Health

  • Work

  • Relationships

  • Emotional balance

  • Grief

  • Mental health

  • Releasing negativity

  • Letting go of fear

  • Grounding, clearing, protection 

  • Meditation

  • Spiritual development

  • and more...

Spirit Wellbeing One to One helps you to enable healing, transformation and personal development on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Spirit Wellbeing One to One

30 mins £30

60 mins: £50

via Zoom or in person (Llandeilo or Swansea)

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"To be happy is a great decision."