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What is good for wellbeing?

Wellbeing is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy’.

Life is energy.

Everything is energy.

Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are all energy moving through life.

In life, there is positive and negative energy, and both are useful because we grow and learn from positive and negative experiences.

Being aware of our energy gives us a choice.

When you start your day, notice how you feel. And then, as your day progresses, see how your thoughts and feelings change.

Are you someone who does not notice energy, or do you immediately pick up on the energy of people, things and places?

If you pick up on energy, for example, if someone is feeling happy and excited, that can make you feel happy and excited. But also, if you are around someone unhappy or depressed, this can impact you too. And the same can be said of places that you visit. If you pick up on energy, you might feel irritated, impatient, feeling down or tired for no apparent reason.

Learning to understand your energy allows you to know what is yours and what you have picked up.

So, next time you feel a bit down, tired or negative, ask yourself -

“Is this my stuff, or have I picked it up somewhere?”

Knowing if you have picked up energy that is not yours gives you the freedom to let it go.

Acknowledging whether it is yours or someone else's releases the negative hold on you.

So, imagine you are shutting the door on this energy and let go.

Allow yourself to smile, nine times out of ten it will be someone else's energy you have picked up on, and smiling raises your energy. As your energy levels go up, negativity cannot hold on, and positivity will begin to flow enabling balance.

Understanding energy allows you to look after your well-being and enables you to know when you feel comfortable, healthy, and happy.

And if you struggle with this and find you take on other people's energy or need support to clear energy, please check out my Energy Clearing & Protection Course.

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