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How energy affects emotional eating and what you can do about it!

Have you ever taken a moment to think about why you emotionally eat? I have been there, and it can take a long time to ask the question, why?

Emotional eating in itself is a package of energy, and if you are one of those who does eat to soothe their emotions, you realise it's a quick fix. In the moment, as you put that piece of chocolate in your mouth or savour that warm piece of bread, for a moment, everything feels good.

But it is short-lived, moments later, you begin to feel guilt, dislike of self and a whole array of emotions, not to mention the physical feeling of bloating in the stomach and even the feelings of low energy and fatigue.

Energy affects us all because energy is in everything. You are going through your day, and something tilts you off balance, it could be a person you have met, a place you have visited, a phone call, watching something on the news, literally anything, and this moment can push an emotional trigger within you. And if you are one of those who reach for food, instantly, you are opening yourself up to that energetic thought bubble of all those who have these same thoughts regarding emotional eating. And as you open up to the thought of food, this energy in the thought bubble wraps around you, amplifying in your system the craving and then physically the act of eating something that you think will make you feel better.

So take a pause, think about yesterday or the last time you emotionally ate, and ask yourself what triggered those thoughts? Keep asking yourself Why? It is surprising if you keep asking yourself why and why again and why again. You might be surprised what unfolds, and it is easier to release when you know what it is. And you might need to continue doing this for a while because as one layer unfolds, it presents another layer. As you do this, one way of releasing is to write down the emotion and burn it, and you can keep doing this by looking at the emotions that need to be released and what they represent to you. Writing them down brings them out of the system, and burning releases them.

But also check whether those feelings are yours as it is so easy to pick up on other people's emotions and take them on ourselves and think they are our emotions. So also ask yourself, are these my emotions or have I taken on someone else's?

Learning what triggers your emotions and understanding energy can help you find the balance and help you discern what your body wants. Your body is made up of energy and if you listen intuitively, your body can tell you what it wants.

So next time, you reach for that piece of toast, or chocolate...

  • Ask yourself why?

  • Identify the emotion

  • Write down the emotion and burn it

  • Ask yourself why again

  • Ask yourself is it your emotion?

  • Be kind, give yourself time

If you want help understanding energy, please get in touch, or click here.

It is your life and your choice whether to live your best possible version of it.

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