Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is the most common form of reflexology. The soles of the feet are the most sensitive part of the body, containing around 70,000 nerve endings. Reflexology affects these nerve endings, encouraging relaxation and rebalancing.
Our life force, or Chi energy, flows through the body in meridian pathways. A blockage or imbalance on one of these pathways can affect the body, mind or spirit. Gentle pressure on the feet, which are a ‘mini map’ of the body, gently releases imbalances or blockages enabling the body to trigger its own healing mechanism.
Whether you have emotional or physical problems, reflexology can help.

Foot Reflexology

Initial Consultation and treatment: 1 hour £40

Subsequent treatments: £40

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Two feet with handd doing reflexology on the left foot


"I have thoroughly enjoyed the treatments, I found the whole experience to be relaxing, informative and very relevant. Overall, my restless legs and insomnia have improved radically."

Cath Kirkup


What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a relaxing, safe and non-invasive holistic
therapy that allows the body to slow down its vibration to give it a chance to rebalance itself, allowing the process of stimulating the body's own healing mechanism to take place.

Gentle pressure is applied to specific reflexes on the feet or hands which mirror the organs and structures of the body.

Reflexology looks at the whole of the person, mind, body and spirit, allowing them to become aware of areas that need attention so they can look further, whether that be through diet, stress relief practices, change of lifestyle, conventional medicine if needed or alternatives.

Benefits of Reflexology

  • Relaxation - calming effect on body, mind, spirit

  • Stress Relief - for emotional and physical wellbeing

  • Boosts the immune system - stimulating the body's natural self-healing mechanism

  • Detoxification - helps the body release toxins and waste products

  • Boosts energy levels - stimulates the feel-good factors

  • Injury or surgery - helps recovery

  • Emotional balance - helps release trauma and aids grief recovery

  • Improved circulation

  • Helps with chronic and acute conditions

  • Enhances the body's own natural defence systems, encouraging self-healing.