Auras & Colours Course

This course teaches you how to see, hear or sense auras and how colour can be used to affect emotions and thoughts to create positivity and balance.

An aura is a colour energy field that surrounds your physical body, as well as the planet and everything in it.

You will learn:

  • Auras - what they are

  • How to see, hear or sense auras

  • Expanding & contracting auras

  • Colour Interpretation

  • Colour meditations/infusions

  • Releasing negativity through colour

  • Enhancing positivity through colour

  • Creative colour visualisation

  • Developing intuition and trust

  • Psychometry

  • Understanding auric impressions

  • Healing with colour


An aura is made up of varying colours according to the individual, each person's aura has a different vibration note.

Your aura contains information about you and your state of being.


Learning to read, interpret and work with your aura offers you a practical way to enhance your wellbeing every day. 

(4 hour course - 8 CPD points)

Different colours showing how many colours could be in an aura

Auras & Colours Course

2022 Dates


Tuesday 21st  4pm to 8pm

West Shires School of Complementary Health, St Clears, Carmarthen

4 pm to 8 pm


Saturday 1st October, 10 am to 3 pm

Online via Zoom

Cost £80